How Weight Loss Shakes That Contain Optimal Fiber Can Benefit Your Exercise Regimen 

Weight Loss Shakes

In recent years, weight loss shakes have become a popular way to complement a healthy diet and exercise routine. Because of their abundance of nutrients and appetite-suppressing qualities, it’s easy to see why people that are serious about losing weight jump on the bandwagon. Weight loss shakes are totally customizable to your tastes with a variety of flavors that can mix well with various different foods such as leafy green vegetables and fruits.

It’s important to know what’s inside your shake to ensure you are receiving the best balanced diet. With so many different types of weight loss shakes on the market, it can be overwhelming trying to pick one that works for you. From weight loss to workout endurance, weight loss shakes can be the perfect complement to your goals.

Fiber rich foods are known for their support in weight loss, increasing work out energy, and suppressing appetites. However, you can only really enjoy the benefits if you consume enough fiber in your daily diet. Thankfully, most weight loss shakes provide the optimal amount of fiber (at least 5 grams).

Fiber and weight loss

The benefits of adding fiber to your weight loss diet are abundant. Fiber is basically carbohydrates that humans cannot digest and it passes through the digestive tracks untouched. This makes your digestive system work harder. For this reason, fiber can be added to diet to feel full and satisfied without adding extra calories.

When you add fiber to your weight loss shakes, your appetite will be greatly reduced causing you to eat smaller portions. Unlike empty calories, fiber is actually good for your digestive health. Humans cannot break down fiber, but gut bacteria can. In fact, they survive on fiber to remain healthy.

Weight gain is mainly a result of eating more calories than you burn. By eating more fiber, your appetite will not only be reduced, but most of the fiber is passed out. You will also have a healthy digestive track to absorb the essential nutrients you get from the weight loss shakes.

Added fiber will have a minimal effect if you include the wrong ingredients such as ingredients that are rich in carbs and fat. It is recommended to choose wisely to establish a supportive diet that aids weight loss. As a rule of thumb, your weight loss shakes should have at least 5 grams of fiber for a significant effect.

The benefits of dietary fiber in weight loss shakes can be summarized as follows: 

  • Longer hours of satisfaction
  • Reduced appetite
  • Reduced caloric intake
  • Increased metabolism of fat
  • Improved gut health
  • Blood sugar balancing
  • Metabolism of stubborn body fat
  • Increased workout energy

Fiber and exercise

Fiber passes through the human digestive track untouched, reaching the large intestine bacteria in the same form they were ingested. However, these gut bacteria can break down fiber and provide additional energy as a byproduct. This is why fiber is recommended for any workout regimen.

With more fiber in your weight loss shakes, you will have a boost in energy that can be spent on more intense, fat-burning workouts. If you have been to the gym, then you know having a satisfied feeling is good for training hard. Since fiber is not digested, you will feel satisfied longer and the extra energy provided also increases workout performance.

ietary fiber is also associated with low cholesterol and stable blood sugar, both which are required for a healthy workout lifestyle. In order to shed off weight, a caloric deficit is needed; you have to use more calories (energy) than the ones you store. Exercising helps you use up more energy, but this will have no significant effect if you are eating more calories by the day.

Adding fiber in your weight loss shakes reduces the total number of calories you take while providing the energy needed to train longer and harder. A healthy gut is also good for immunity and brain while blood sugar balance improves brain function and protects you from various health risks. The benefits of fiber with regard to working out include the following:

  • Increased workout energy
  • More full hours to train
  • Sharper mental focus and brain function


Although fiber is perfect for workout and weight loss shakes, it should not be overdone. An optimal amount of fiber (5-8 grams per serving) is ideal for maximum results. Eating too much fiber in one serving may cause discomfort and constipation especially if you do not drink enough fluids. Taking your fiber in weight loss shakes is one great way to counter this problem. What’s more, if you take optimal amounts of fiber then you will be safe from any side effects. Soluble fiber can be found in foods such as dried beans, oat and rice bran, oat, barley, apples, peas, citrus fruits, potatoes and strawberries among others. To learn more about weight loss shakes that contain fiber click here.


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