Should I be Using Lectin Shield?

Using Lectin ShieldFor anyone with no information about lectins, this is a grand opportunity to learn about them. Lectins are found in all types of food and scientific research has proven that they can cause damage to human body. Luckily, there is a product called Lectin Shield, and they are capable of successfully protecting any damages that might be caused by lectins.

Definition of Lectins

Lectins are a group of proteins that are found in plants, and their main responsibilities are to protect them from predators. They act as natural defense, and they are powerful in their protection responsibility.

However, even though lectins are helpful for the survival of the plants, they are dangerous to humans. When we consume foods such as beans or tomatoes, we also take in natural lectins that are contained in them. This can lead to the development of some health risks. What happens is that lectins bind themselves to the human cells inside the body. The binding of lectins to the human cells inside the gut wall triggers a response. Lectins can also irritate and in the process of damaging the gut wall leading to vomiting or even diarrhea. This occurrence significantly increases the risk of developing digestion problems. 1 The risk of developing a problem in immune system also increases. 2

Lectin Shield- The Solution for your Body Protection

Lectins are present in almost all type of foods found in your local grocery store or market. Tomatoes, grains, and Legumes are especially known to contain the lectins in significant amounts. They also exist in foods such as corn, dairy products like milk, peanuts, in eggs and beans. The reasons why they are found in dairy products and poultry is because their sources which are cows and chicken mostly feed on diets like grains and soy. Lectins are found in huge amounts in these grains and soy. These lectins are therefore classified as those found in non-plant foods. 3

It is possible to minimize the number of lectins in your food, but it is impossible to completely avoid them. You will need protection from the lectins because you can’t avoid eating your favorite foods.

Lectin Shield is the ultimate solution. It protects you from any damages that lectins might cause while continuing to enjoy the meals that you love. It has different ingredients that enable lectins to avoid sticking to the cells inside the gastrointestinal tract or gut in your body.

What Does this Product Contain?

Below are some of the powerful ingredients that are contained in this precious and helpful product:

  • Sodium alginate: sodium alginate is responsible for eradicating lectins from the digestive system and very helpful in maintaining regular body by passing the huge amounts to stool.4
  • Larch Arabinogalactans: it is found in a larch tree, and surprisingly, it is a natural substance. It not only protects the lining of the gut against the damage caused by lectins but also strengthens it. 5
  • Methylsulfonylmethane(MSM): MSM absorbs the lectins, and because the lectins cause the joint pains, MSM greatly minimizes the discomfort in the joints. 6
  • Okra extract: This ingredient is highly beneficial and is responsible for blocking many sorts of toxic lectins. It also improves the beneficial microbes found in the gastrointestinal tract or gut, improves the health of your skin and most importantly helps in relieving the pain in the joints. 7

Other Benefits of Lectin Shield

Besides the above-mentioned ingredients, there are other benefits that this product provides including:

  • Minimizes the problems in the digestive system like excessive gas and bloating.
  • Reduce the cravings for consuming foods that are unhealthy and also that cause the unnecessary weight gain.
  • Facilitates the ease of absorbing nutrients in your body and therefore you to be more energetic as well.

Is it a Good Decision to Use This Product?

By now, you are likely more informed and knowledgeable to try the Lectin Shield. However, if you are still in doubt of whether you will exhaustively benefit from this product, you can use it as a risk-free. If you are still not convinced and satisfied with the results, you still have the opportunity to return your bottle to your manufacturer before 90 days have expired. You are liable for refund with no hassle or questions asked.









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